A 360 design, content and technology company dedicated to delivering your story by crafting positive and impactful experiences with our expertise. We elevate the human experience through design, architecture, technology and carefully curated content, turning a given space into a coherent immersive experience and creating lasting impressions.



Amna A Emir

A qualified architect with 28 years of experience in the architectural and real estate development industry, Amna has provided strategic advice to government-linked companies in the area of urban regeneration on localities. 

She believes in adaptability and innovation as key principles in her design approach. 


William Harald-Wong

William is an urban identity designer with more than 32 years of experience in brand communications, cultural research, wayfinding, signage and environmental graphics. 

He works at the intersection of brand, culture, city and community; infusing relevant Asian traditions, philosophies and aesthetics into contemporary design, as well as enhancing the human, communal and cultural experience of a place. 


Bruce Head

A hybrid designer, Bruce has a passion for creative thinking, finding its expression in architecture, interior design and storytelling. 

His exploration of narrative-driven works ultimately led him to design works that combined various areas of focus in sectors such as commercial developments, hospitality, museums and galleries, as well as workplace office solutions. 


Raj Sreenivas

A production engineer and a systems analyst by profession, Raj found that his real passion lay in creative production and user experiences. He sees the choreography of content, digital media, electronics, AI, AR, and VR, and the interaction of the human senses as being fundamental to creating the immersive experience that will convey the imagination of the storyteller. 


Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan’s career spans over 35 years with many global management consulting and IT firms. He is known for leading transformation projects for many global and regional clients. His astute mind in IT and finance, combined with his vast experience, make him a sought-after candidate for the role of managing director of Silverlake Axis, a listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange.


June Teh

June’s love for creative writing is honed over 30 years of work as a writer and trainer in various projects at local and international level. She is a firm believer in being a good listener and observer, and in creatively applying the power of imagination to her work, be it in research, content development or scriptwriting.